Quality and enviroment policy

The EUROTOPBAIN GROUP has always been defined as an organization formed by contrasted professionals in transformation and marketing sectors of products in different materials for the bath.

Our company is authorized to design, manufacture and sell the wide variety of products available. In addition, complies with European standards (EC): EN14688: Sanitary appliances. Wash basins Functional requirements and test methods and EN14527: Shower trays for domestic use. In the same way, the entire production process is controlled under strict quality controls.

Our main objective to be achieved with the implementation of the Integrated Management System in EUROTOPBAIN GROUP is to meet the needs and expectations of customers and improve these aspects on a continuous basis, as well as acquire a commitment to protect the environment, including the prevention of pollution.

We achieve this by fulfilling the client's requirements, the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those established by the UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 standards.

It is a policy established in the EUROTOPBAIN GROUP to work according to the established Integrated Management System. This is documented and verified regularly for its adequacy and effectiveness.

To achieve this purpose, we concentrate our efforts and dedication on:

  • Ensure a continuous improvement of the service provided, always satisfying the requirements requested by each of the interested parties involved in the activity as a whole, as well as the regulations and / or legal provisions that are applicable with the appropriate technical and human means.

  • Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

  • To seek the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System, which seeks the maximum possible satisfaction of the clients that, in turn, allow us to strengthen links and guarantee the growth of the company.

  • Acquire a commitment to protect and conserve the environment, including the prevention of pollution, using the appropriate actions and processes, optimizing resources and making decisions aimed at sustainable development.

  • Achieve a high degree of loyalty of our stakeholders.

  • Transfer the commitment of this company in terms of Quality and Environment to internal staff as well as to other external agents and the business environment in general.

  • Guarantee his periodic update.

  • Bet on the formalization and sensitization of all staff through their participation, giving priority to communication and information on quality management and the environment, making possible a complete integration.

The Management acquires the commitment to continuously improve providing all the material and human means necessary to comply with this policy, in addition it declares of obligatory fulfillment the requirements contained in the documentation that constitutes the Integrated Management System.

Última modificación: 12-07-2019